Put Your Zakat into Sadaqa Jariya, an Ongoing Charity

The Holy Quran

Give the gift of knowledge to our Children and Youth. Give Mushaf- Shareef to a Mosque of your choice. Let the best Modern English translation and Tafseer of the Holy Quran be their Learning Tool for better understanding of the Divine Message. We will ship the number of copies you order to the Masjid of your choice*. ( *Quantity Discount available, minimum order required).

Sharing beneficial knowledge from the Divine Revelation is our goal. Every gift is the difference between knowledge and ignorance.

Our children and youth thirst for true knowledge they need most. Their resources are limited to whatever they can find available, but mostly cannot understand both the Original Arabic scripture or the complex English language that still requires further explanation.


You can also read the Sacred Message of the Gracious Quran online by clicking here.

  • The donor benefits from subscribing to the Divine Law of giving Zakat charity
  • The Children and youth benefit from learning about the Sacred Message of the Holy
    Quran from a reliable source
  • The Mosque of your choice will benefit from raising funds for their financial support

Your Zakat will be rewarded multifold eternally every time a young child reads and understands the Sacred Message of the Holy Revelation, the Gracious Quran - Arabic-English text. Learn more about it online now!

A Hadiya of Mushaf Shareef is the best Zakat to give. Order it today.

  • Hardcover 1570 pages - 18 cm X 25.5 cm X 2.5 cm
  • Weight 1020 gr.
  • Published : 15 April2019
  • Publisher: Zawiya Fellowship
  • Language: English /Arabic
  • ISBN: 978-1-879405-04-2
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